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Strong Schools. Access to Health Care. Senior Services.
SEIU members across Oregon are signing up to support A Better Oregon - a proposal to fund Oregon's schools, health care and senior services by increasing the minimum tax for large and out-of-state corporations with more than $25 million in yearly Oregon sales. Because corporations should pay their fair share in taxes when they do business in our state.
Right now, Oregon has the lowest corporate taxes in the nation. Hard working people like SEIU members are being asked to fund our schools and public services on our own. That’s not fair. With A Better Oregon, corporations like Comcast, Bank of America and Wal-Mart will have to pay their fair share as well.
According to the Oregon Legislative Revenue Office, A Better Oregon will generate $6 billion every two years. The measure mandates the new revenue go to schools, health care and senior services. With A Better Oregon, we will:

  • Hire more high-quality teachers, reduce class sizes, and boost Oregon’s poor high school graduation rate.
  • Increase access to affordable, high-quality health care.
  • Fund senior services, including in-home care, to ensure that seniors in Oregon don’t have to live in poverty.

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SEIU 503 Members For A Better Oregon